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RTI Utility Device Drivers

We currently offer the following Utility device drivers (Click the link for more information, scroll down for more!):

Utility Device Drivers:

Download the drivers here:

IFTTT Maker Driver IFTTT Maker Driver Download  

Channel Macro Driver

User Macro Driver

Channel Macro Driver Download

User Macro Driver Download


Flag Persist

Flag Persist Download  
Local Flags Local Flags Download  
Event Scheduler Event Scheduler Download  


Fonts Download



Simple Logic Driver

ReCalc Download

Simple Logic Driver Download


Parse Strings

Text Input

Parse Strings Download

Text Input Download

PushBullet Service Driver PushBullet Service Download  


Utility Drivers:    
Event Scheduler (Click here to buy license)

Want to let your clients program their own schedules for your macros? No problem with this driver! There's an example system file showing how to present the user interface included with the driver. You write the macros, such as "Goodnight", "Wake Up" or "Pool Filter On" and "Pool Filter Off" and let the client schedule what time to run the macros.

(Download it here)

Flag Persist Driver (Click here to buy license)

Want to save the state of flags (up to 20 per instance of this driver) even if the power gets pulled on your XP Processor? Use this handy and FREEWARE driver to store processor flags or any flag into long term storage on the processor automatically!

Like it? Please consider donating here!

(Download it here)

No Image Yet, Sorry!

Local Flags Driver (Click here to buy license)

Local Flags driver does all the work of making a set of local flags, saving them, restoring them on reboot and generally making your RTiPanel programming more pleasurable! Use Local Flags for device dependent uses or context sensitive menus, and any time you need a flag that is specific to that one remote.

Like it? Please consider donating here!

(Download it here)

No Image Yet, Sorry!

Channel Macro Driver (Click here to buy license)

Tired of clients calling you to change their favorite channel icons to go to yet another channel, oh and change the icon too? You don't have time to piddle around with that, you have to sell and install complete new systems! Use this handy driver to let your clients change their own channel macros. And, let them change the icon too!

This download includes the logo graphics for ID too!

(Download it here)

Channel Macro Screen

User Macro Driver (Click here to buy license)

Tired of clients calling you to change their thermostat settings in your cool home automation macros?
You don't have time to piddle around with that, you have to sell and install complete new systems!
Use this handy driver to let your clients change their home automation macros all by themselves.
Sure it only let's your client write simple user home macros composed of system macros that you, the dealer, exposes to them but anything more complex and you want to make the changes yourself anyway.
Your clients will be able to create scenes themselves. You set up Lights On, Lights Off, Lights Party Mode, etc. as well as AC Temp 72F, AC Temp 73F, Pool On, Pool Off, Spa On, Spa Off, and anything you can think of.
Let your client make their own composition of Lights Off, Spa On, Romantic Music (a macro you write), and whatever else they come up with. You no longer have to be clairvoyant!
Start by writing the home automation macros for them and show them how simple it is to change them. They'll call you for advice once or twice and then they're off and running!
You can test drive this driver on your RTI XP based processor for about 60 minutes after reboot without a license key. You'll want to use it on every remote once you see how cool it is!

(Download it here)

User Macro Sample

Push Bullet Service Driver (Click here to buy license)

Push Bullet Service is a capability to push messages to notify you on your phone, tablet, or other device. (www.pushbullet.com)
This driver gives you the capability to push notifications to your phone/tablet/computer when your home system status changes.
Send a message when your alarm is turned off, when there is an alarm condition or when a door is unlocked or even when your amplifier volume goes too high.

You can also send a Link Page message to run the RTiPanel app and change to the desired page.
Use Push Bullet Service Driver to do all of that and more!

(Download it here)

Push Bullet Service
ReCalc Math Expression Driver (Click here to buy license)

You can re-range volume feedback using this fun little driver. You can calculate pretty much anything as a matter of fact. Want to calculate area of a circle? You can do that here. Need to convert fahrenheit to Kelvin? No problem. Use ReCalc driver.

(Download it here)


Simple Logic Driver (Click here to buy license)

You are an RTI Dealer and Programmer and you just want to combine a couple of flags and maybe test an integer value against a set point or even another integer value. What do you do? You can do nested IF/THEN statements for the flag tests but the integer tests were not possible UNTIL NOW. Have you ever wanted to combine Flags and Integer variable tests? Use Simple Logic Driver!

(Download it here)

Simple Logic
Parse Strings Driver (Click here to buy license)

Using the two way strings driver? Get feedback like, "SY VOL -25.5"?? You can extract volume feedback using this cool bit of a driver. This driver uses Regular Expressions to parse values from your feedback strings from other drivers.

(Download it here)


Fonts Driver (Click here to buy license)

Tired of the same old RTI Fonts? Get feedback in your own cool and unique fonts using this driver! This driver uses image lists to show your feedback strings from other drivers.

(Download it here)

(Download Script Font here)

(Download Demo File here)


Flame Font

Text Input Driver (Free)

This "Helper Driver" gives you the ability to let your users type in their own text strings for all kinds of things, like taking notes (you have to store them on your own though), changing zone names, change channel names, and much more. It is used in conjunction with my other drivers such as Channel Macro driver.

(Download it here)

(No Image, Sorry)

IFTTT Maker Driver for RTI Systems (Click here to buy license)

This expandable driver for RTI Systems hooks your IFTTT recipes into your RTI based system and gives you ultimate flexibility and expandability for taking swift action on sensory and other data as it happens in real time.

Want to command your RTI based home control system from your Alexa (Amazon Echo)? Yes, you can!

Want to notify people when your NFL team scores? Why not!? You can!

Added New Trial Mode: User can choose between: Unlimited Requests for 2 Hours OR 3 Requests with unlimited Time (Will NOT Reset)

(Download it here)

(No Image, Sorry)



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